After a year of hard work, the ‘Tiered Garden’ was completed and filled with soil in March 2021. It has 4 beds for planting.

Top Left Bed

For the 2021 spring/summer growing season, this bed contained 9 tomato plants, 2 varieties of marigolds, and a basil plant. As of 9/17/21, the only plant remaining is the Savannah Sun marigolds.

Savannah Sun Marigolds

Top Right Bed

Bottom Left Bed

I have quite a few plants that aren’t doing well in this bed, particularly my rudbeckias and perennial salvia.

Bottom Right Bed

This bed ended up being the dahlia patch for the 2021 growing season. It was not my originally plan to put the dahlias here, but I did not have the original location ready for planting in time. I started out with 32 dahlia varieties this year. Five of them have died, and one or two are hanging on for dear life. Here are the ones that are currently growing.