Alternanthera Purple Prince Live Plant


Dark purple leaves with red undersides make an excellent container plant or small ground cover!


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ANNUAL | 2.5″ grower pot | Alternanthera brasiliana

Also known as Joseph’s Coat, these compact, spreading plants thrive in the heat, reaching 10-16″ in height. Dark purple leaves with red undersides. It makes a great spiller plant in containers, and it also makes a nice small-scale ground cover. I grew this for the first time in 2021, and it is now one of my favorites that I grow every year!

I space mine about 8-12″ apart, but you can put them closer together for a more compact look without pinching. They prefer full sun. The colors are more intense on the foliage if they are in full sun. If this variety gets too much shade, it will not be purple. They will be green! I am speaking from personal experience on this. Make sure they are in full sun. The more pinching you do when new growth forms on alternanthera plants, the bushier they will get. To keep plants short and compact, simply pinch off new growth as branches begin to grow upward. They like regular watering, so water regularly, especially if they are in baskets or containers that dry out faster. They generally don’t need additional fertilizer.

These plants have been growing outside, so they are acclimated to outdoor temperatures. If you intend to grow this as a houseplant, you will need to acclimate the plant(s) to indoor settings.


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