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classic butterhead lettuce

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Classic butterhead lettuce with tender-crisp flavor. It has dark green leaves that are thicker than most.  Ready in 65 days.

Lettuce seeds germinate best within a one-year period.  After that, they start to lose viability.  These seeds were packed for 2021, so it is best to use them for fall production this year.  That is why I am offering this variety solo and in a lettuce sampler combo, so my seed stash doesn’t expire and end up in the trash.  Lettuce makes a wonderful cut-and-come again crop.  I just harvest what I need for the day when leaves are big enough to eat.

Packet is 25 seeds.

Lettuce is a cool weather crop and can withstand light to moderate frost. Direct sow or transplant into the garden in early spring or early fall. Ideal temperatures for growing lettuce are between 60-65° F.

Start indoors 3-4 weeks before your last average frost. Barely cover seeds with 1/8″ of vermiculite or fine soil. If soil is kept moist around 60-70° F, germination is in 3-5 days. Lettuce seeds will go into a thermal dormancy if temperatures are over 70° F. Sow seeds every two weeks for production throughout the season. Plant into the garden, spacing them about 12-18″ apart.

Lettuce has a shallow root system. Keep soil moist to keep plants growing continuously. Mulch to retain moisture and suppress weeds (unless slugs are a problem). Moisture stress and high temperatures, particularly at night, encourage bolting (the production of a flowering stem).

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Plant Type



Spring, Fall, Winter

Sun Requirements

Full Sun / Partial Shade

Special Characteristics

Cut & Come Again, Frost Tolerant


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