Spearmint Live Plant


perennial, aromatic herb used for cooking

live plant in 2.5″ grower container

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Mentha spp.

Mint is such a versatile herb.  It can be used to flavor drinks and teas, in main dishes, or in desserts.  Mint is an aggressive grower and will go crazy (and spread via underground rhizomes) once planted so be mindful where you plant it.  I personally would stick to planting them in containers to keep the plant contained.  It is a perennial herb that comes back every year and can reach a mature height of 12-24.”  In the hottest part of our summers here in the southeast, mint might die back (if not offered afternoon shade) but will return in the fall when cooler temperatures set in. It might die back during harsh winters but will re-emerge during springtime when temperatures warm back up.  Full sun to part-shade.

Starter plants are in 2.5″ grower containers.  Your plant may vary from the sample plants pictured, depending on the time at which you receive the plant and if any recent pruning was done to keep the plant tidy.

Mint is super easy to grow with little to no maintenance required. My biggest (and strongest) suggestion for growing mint is to plant it in a container! It spreads via underground rhizomes and is aggressive. If you plant it in the ground somewhere, you must be okay with it taking over the area. I planted mine in a DIY planter well off the ground so it wouldn’t grow into the ground. I put a wood divider in the middle (nailed in) so I could plant flowers on one side with the mint contained on the other side. The mint found its way to the other side of the container. In my experience, you cannot kill mint. It seems to thrive despite what I do or forget to do.

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Plant Type


Perennial Zones

3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8


Spring, Summer, Fall

Plant Height

Medium (12-36")

Sun Requirements

Full Sun / Partial Shade

Special Characteristics

Grows Well in Containers, Drought Tolerant

Pre-orders for live plants will begin shipping the week of April 18th, regardless of your growing zone.  However, if you live in a colder climate and need to postpone your shipment to a later date, please use the ‘Order Notes’ to let me know what date you would like your plant(s) shipped.  I am not responsible for plant damage caused from extreme weather conditions.


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