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classic Italian basil with dark green leaves

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Ocimum basilicum

This is a classic Italian basil with dark green leaves that have a mildly spicy taste.  Bushy, and slow to bolt, plants reach 24-30″ tall.  Flowers are edible also, and bees love basil flowers!


Start seeds 6 weeks before your last average frost, sowing 1/4″ deep.  Kept at 70-75° F, germination is in 5-14 days.


Transplant into the garden after all danger of frost has passed, 12-18″ apart.  When plants reach 8″ in height, pinch back middle stem to encourage bushier, fuller plants.  Once plants become established, you can start doing light harvests.  Cutting the stems actually helps the plant fill out nicely and become more bushy, and it prevents flowering too soon in the season.  Basil is not drought tolerant and can get leaf damage from heat stress.  Make sure to provide regular moisture throughout the growing season.  If growing for cut flowers, harvest when stems begin to toughen or when flowers form.  Cut during the coolest part of the day as foliage is prone to wilting after cut.  If growing for culinary purposes, just before the plant starts flowering, cut it down to the soil, leaving about 5″ of the stem.  This will help promote a second growing.

Additional Information

Plant Type



Spring, Summer

Plant Height

Medium (12-36")

Sun Requirements

Full Sun / Partial Shade

Special Characteristics

Attracts Pollinators, Edible Flowers, Deer Resistant, Rabbit Resistant


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