The following are the pickup locations and times for local pickup orders. If you cannot do one of these times and would like to place an order, please contact me first before submitting your order. When you place an order, you will be able to choose which day/time and location to pick up your items.

I only show to a pickup location, day & time if someone has paid for and scheduled a pickup for plants. If there are no orders for that time slot, I am not there.

Pickup Locations & Times

PetCo – Gadsden
308 E Meighan Blvd
Gadsden, AL 35903

Tues: 9am
Thurs: 2pm
Sun: 11am

Rainbow City Pet Clinic
3006 Rainbow Dr
Rainbow City, AL 35906

Sun: 2pm

Jack’s – Hoke’s Bluff
2000 US 278
Gadsden, AL 35903

Mon: 9am | 4pm
Wed: 3pm
Fri: 10am | 2pm
Sat: 1pm

There will be times in which a day will not be available even if it’s on this schedule. Those days will be unavailable if I have something else going on that day and can’t meet at the scheduled time.