About My Shop

I have decided the most efficient and cost effective way for me to continue selling seeds and extra plants is through Etsy. With the platform I was using here on Southern Gardener’s website, along with all the additional plugins just to have basic features (like the ability to print invoices for packaging and the ability to add tracking information for customers), I was spending way more than I expected until adding up the numbers. I am just a small home gardener looking to sell some of my favorite seeds and extra plants or dahlia tubers here and there, so it just doesn’t make sense to spend $300+ a year on an e-commerce platform that isn’t used as often as a full-time gardening business website. Also, trying to sell the seeds in two different locations (because I already had seeds on Etsy) can get confusing with inventory available, and the tax / bookkeeping has turned out to be a nightmare! So doing just an Etsy store will save me money and make things so much simpler.

You can still sign up for my newsletter to get notifications of plants going on sale, dahlia tubers I will have in the future, as well as new seeds added to the Etsy store. I will also use the newsletter to send out announcements when I post a new blog post. I would like to focus on blogging more about my gardening experiences.

Visit my Etsy store here –> The Southern Gardener on Etsy