Southern Gardener

I am changing up my Southern Gardener website over the next week as I contemplate the direction I want to go. I would like to blog more about my general gardening experiences and experiments if time allows. At this time, all seeds and plants for sale will be handled through my Etsy store so I don’t have to manual track inventory and update that in 2-3 locations as I was trying to sell plants on FB Marketplace, here, and eventually Etsy.

If you are local to my area around the Gadsden, AL area and would like to pick up any plants on my Etsy store, please contact me to avoid shipping charges.

Blog Posts

Dahlias Grown in 2021

Here’s a quick look at the dahlias I grew in 2021’s growing season.

2 Year Garden Progress

Here’s a quick look at the progress made in my gardening areas in the 2 years we’ve been at this house.

Collecting Coleus Seeds

Here’s how I collect my coleus seeds so I can sow them the next year.

My Confederate Rose Cutting

Here’s my latest YouTube video regarding my confederate rose cutting.