Tillandsia – Xerographica Air Plant – Live Plant


5″ plant
Pet safe!

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Tillandsia Xerographica

Queen of air plants!  I have 3 of these, so I am selling one – trying to downsize the houseplants just a little!  I have my air plants under grow lights that are on 6-8 hours a day.  Do not plant this in soil.  It does not grow in soil.  Make sure your relative humidity is at least 50% in your home, and spritz lightly with water every 3-5 days.  Just make sure the leaves are completely dry before spritzing with water!  Since they have nice, thick leaves, they are more susceptible to rot if you do not let them dry out well in between!  I always used distilled water, and I spritz with an air plant fertilizer (purchased elsewhere) once a month.

Price is for one plant.  I only have 1 plant, so the plant in the picture is the exact plant you will get.


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