As of 9/17/21

In April 2021, I thought I’d create a ‘garden’ for the groundhogs living under my front porch. I would fill it with the things they love to eat so the would leave my other plants on the front porch alone. That didn’t happen. They would eat the sweet potato vines, leaving only a few inches of stems. The petunias in the container would get eaten to soil level. And then they would move on to the vanilla marigolds and Stormburst verbena I had on my front porch. The groundhogs have been relocated, but I decided to keep the name of the garden in honor of the mama groundhog I had named Becky.

Ignore the rocks and cedar boards blocking underneath the porch. We had issues with an armadillo wanting to come dig for grubs at 2am every morning, consequently flings rocks/gravel into the porch boards above him, waking us up. This is a temporary fix until I can put up hardware cloth and make it look better.