Growing Potatoes in Grow Bags

Growing Potatoes in Grow Bags

Growing Potatoes in Grow Bags

This is my first time growing potatoes, so I’m excited to see how it goes!  I contemplated growing them in the ground, in a raised garden bed, in garden containers, and in grow bags.  I decided to do grow bags because they were fairly inexpensive, and there was no building necessary.  I got these 25-gallon grow bags on Amazon.

I decided to go with German Butterball potato seeds, which I purchased online.

growing potatoes

I received 2 lbs of seed potatoes, which was roughly 20 potatoes.  I sat them in an egg carton for a couple weeks so they would sprout out.  Not everyone does this process of chittng though, so it’s not necessary.  I had planned to cut the potatoes into pieces and let them dry a few days before planting them, but I felt I should really get them in some dirt soon.

I wound up doing 10 potatoes in each 25-gallon grow bag.  I am hoping these are not placed too close.  Honestly, I did not want to use 3 grow bags for the potatoes, so we’ll see how these do.

potatoes in grow bags

I covered the potatoes with some soil (Miracle Gro mixed with Black Cow composted manure and some vermiculite).  As you see above, I did not fill the bags completely.  Once the leaves are poking out of the dirt a good bit, I will add more dirt.  Gradually, the bags will be filled with dirt as the potato vines grow.  I will have to do some follow up posts on my experience with growing potatoes in grow bags.  Fingers crossed they turn out amazing!


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