Succulents – Giant Blue Echeveria – Live Plant


Full Sun
12″ tall

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Echeveria ‘Giant Blue’

I’ve been growing this echeveria outdoors for a couple years now and love it!  It get so big if you plant it in a larger container, and the blooms are beautiful!  I thought the amount of rain we got would be too much for it, but it loved the rain.  Just make sure to plant in well-draining soil, preferably with some perlite mixed in for added drainage.

Plant in an area with full sun (6+ hours a day).  Cold hardiness to 30 F.  I actually have these plants in my unheated greenhouse, and they have done well over the winter.  I do bring them into my garage if the weather is not going to get above freezing during the day or if temperatures drop below 25 F at night.

These are in a quart-sized nursery container.  Price is for one plant.  Your plant may vary from the sample plants pictured, depending on the time at which you receive the plant and if any recent pruning was done to keep the plant tidy.


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