Columbine – Pink Petticoat – Live Plant


Partial Sun
28-38″ tall


Aquilegia vulgaris

Please note that these were started from seeds I collected from my plant in 2023.  I have collected seeds in the past from this variety, and the resulting offspring have been very close to the original plant.  Please see photos of past offspring.  However, until they start blooming this year, I cannot guarantee the they will be the same.  The product description will be updated accordingly when they start blooming this season.

To avoid having to pot these up into larger containers, they are priced at just $2 each!  Once I pot them up and they start blooming, the price will go up.  They are small plants that have been in these containers over the winter, but I do not know for sure if they will bloom this year since they have been in such small containers all winter.

Plant in partial sun (4-6 hours of sunlight) 10-15″ apart.  Clusters of 1 – 1.5″ blooms sit atop long, strong stems.

These are 2.5″ nursery containers.  Price is for one plant.  Your plant may vary from the sample plants pictured, depending on the time at which you receive the plant and if any recent pruning was done to keep the plant tidy.


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