Eucalyptus – Baby Blue Bouquet – Live Plant


Full Sun
36-48″ tall


Eucalyptus pulverulenta

Plant 12-24″ apart in full sun (6+ hours a day), in well-drained soil.  You can harvest after leaves start to feel leathery.  Easily preserved with glycerin.

Most grow this as an annual, but it is labeled as a perennial is zones 8-10.  Gadsden is in 8A.  In late winter or early spring, cut back the eucalyptus tree/plant to about 12″ from the ground, in a pruning technique know as coppicing.  This will encourage new branches and make the eucalyptus bushier.

These are in a quart-sized nursery container.  Price is for one plant.  Your plant may vary from the sample plants pictured, depending on the time at which you receive the plant and if any recent pruning was done to keep the plant tidy.


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