narrow greenhouse beds

Small Flower Beds in Front of Greenhouse

These little flower beds were relatively easy.  I used brick-style pavers and turned them so they would be 3½” high.  And since I had already experimented with cutting brick, I cut one brick on each flower bed so the little beds would go to the end of the 4×4 posts.  I made them narrow because I just wanted a little something to put some flowers in to help conceal the wood posts.  I used landscape adhesive in between the bricks for a more solid hold.

narrow flower bed with brick pavers

The front is coming along:

greenhouse landscaping

On March 6th, I sowed some Empress of India nasturtium seeds in each bed.  I was gone on vacation when the germinated, but here they are on April 7th.

And then on May 11th:

They don’t really like super hot weather like we have here in Alabama during the summer, so they will be replaced when they start looking rough.



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