Favorite Petunias from 2018

My Favorite Petunias from 2018

Last summer I grew quite a few varieties of petunias from seeds, and I wanted to share my favorites with you.  I am growing these this year as well.

First up are these ‘Opera Supreme Pink Morn’ trailing petunias.  I grew these in a container on my back deck and loved them!  I got the seeds from my favorite online seed supplier: Swallowtail Garden Seeds.

Opera Supreme Pink Morn Petunias

Next up is another Swallowtail Garden Seeds petunia, Trilogy Salmon Morn trailing petunia.  I grew these on the back deck also, in 2 different containers.  One small one and one oblong one.  I feel like the ones in the oblong container would have been a lot bushier if they got more sun during the day.  But I just love the soft pink of these petunias!

Trilogy Salmon Morn Petunias

Next we have the ‘Debonair Dusty Rose’ petunia from Burpee.  I just loved the shade of pink when they first bloomed, and as they fade, the pink turns another beautiful shade!  These were also grown in a container on my back deck.

Debonair Dusty Rose Petunia

And I am saving my absolutely favorite for last!  These ‘Tidal Wave Red Velour’ trailing petunias from Swallowtail Garden Seeds are my favorite!  I just love these!  I grew them in several locations last year, including my mailbox.  I had to cut them back quite a few times during the summer because they were taking over the flower bed.

Tidal Wave Red Velour Petunia

The crazy thing about this particular petunia variety is it survived winter!  While I am in the deep south here in Alabama, there were nights where temperatures dropped into the low to mid-20’s.  My viola flowers I have on my deck were frozen quite a few mornings.  But these petunias lived through the winter!

Tidal Wave Red Velour trailing petunias

As you can see in the picture above, I gave them a good cut-back earlier this year in January because they were burying my miniature rose bush!  And the picture below is how they look now!  I’m glad they survived because about a month or so ago, I sprayed the miniature rose bush with a sulfur fungicide, and I think some of it got on the petunias – and almost killed them.   😕  Lesson learned there!

Tidal Wave Red Velour trailing petunias

The same thing happened with the 2 plants I had planted around my crepe myrtle in my front yard.  Last summer, these petunias weren’t that spectacular in this area for some reason.  I apparently didn’t take many pictures of them because they never really took off.

Tidal Wave Red Velour Petunias

I am so glad I didn’t pull them!  Look at them now!!

Tidal Wave Red Velour Petunias

Tidal Wave Red Velour Petunias

I am so in love with these!  I have more seedlings of this variety that I started earlier this year and can’t wait to plant them somewhere!

Tidal Wave Red Velour Petunias

What are some of your favorite petunia varieties?

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